RedRoots Pre-Primary, Pinelands


Grades R - 7

Life at PNPS


Pinelands North Primary School is a public school. This means that we follow the national curriculum but enhance it with subjects we deem important.


Creative and Talented

Research has proved that the brightest children do not always come top of their classes – often they underachieve, become the class clowns or spend their days working out just how far they can try their teacher’s patience. At PNPS we treat our brightest pupils differently.


Learning Support

We are a full service school: a school that responds to diversity by providing quality education for all. At PNPS, we take an inclusive approach to learning and celebrate diversity in education by recognising each child’s potential, and removing stigmas and negative labels.


Sports and Extramurals

There is a sport of choice for every child at PNPS. We focus on participation and enjoyment. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child participates fully, regardless of their sporting abilities.  



Our outstanding Art Department nurtures children’s creativity in surprising and colourful ways.  

Visual Art

We offer Visual Art as an integral part of the curriculum. By using the elements of Art we teach our children to appreciate different art forms. Our focus on visual literacy gives our pupils the vocabulary to discuss Visual Art in terms of texture, form and colour.

Our after school Art Club gives children a place to unwind, hone their artistic skills and learn to master new ways of seeing.

Walk into our school to see the delightful artworks gracing our passages and offices.



The benefits of drama are not limited to the skills children acquire through actively participating in one of our wonderful school plays. Drama classes during the school day also provide our children with opportunities to experience their thoughts and feelings and express these to others. Drama has a therapeutic effect as it helps pupils deal with their real life problems through role play.

At PNPS, drama lessons develop our pupils’ imagination and provide them with an outlet for self-expression. Drama increases self-respect, self-confidence, teamwork and co-operation. We use warm-up games, movement sequences and include various dance forms, mime and role play in our drama lessons.

Our annual Poetry Competition and Best Speaker’s Competition enable our pupils to showcase their talents. Our biannual school play affords every pupil the opportunity to appear on stage while staff members and parents also play their part to make this the highlight of the school calendar.

Children with a remarkable talent and creative flair for drama or dance have the opportunity to further their skills during extramural classes.


Music is a wonderful way to exercise the brain. Studies have shown that among other benefits, it enhances sensitivity to speech and improves memory. Music can even raise your IQ!



Our after-school care facility offers a caring homely environment for children to play and relax until 17h30 daily.


Parents and Community

At Pinelands North Primary School we encourage family involvement and value our relations with the wider community.


Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is high on our school agenda. In all grades, environmental issues are integrated into our lesson plans. Our Environment club has already ensured that we are part of the Eco Schools Programme and is developing new plans to raise environmental awareness and promote ecologically sustainable practices.


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