RedRoots Pre-Primary, Pinelands


Grades R - 7

Our History

Our school draws amazing families from all over the world - families who tell us they could never imagine their children anywhere else.

We are a fully integrated community of wealthy and poor, of all religions and nationalities, and with children of varying abilities. Our families have learnt that by their children living and working side by side, they learn to live in peace too.


Early beginnings

Pinelands North Primary School was founded in 1948 as a dual-medium school with 94 pupils. A retired headmistress, Mrs Dreyer, acted as principal until Mr Mckenzie became the headmaster in 1949. It was then decided that the school colours should be maroon, gold and white.

The school was officially opened and named Pinelands North Primary School on 8 June 1949. Pieter Dirk Uys’ parents composed the music for the school song, as he was a pupil at the school at the time!

In 1950, the school was divided into 3 houses which were known by their colours. In 1962 the houses were named after 3 gentlemen who played an important role in the establishment of the school: Gardener, Wells and Clear.

New additions

Extra buildings were added to the school and in 1955 the school hall was opened. At the end of the same year, the school became an English medium school and the Afrikaans speaking pupils continued their learning at the Laerskool Oude Molen.

In January 1968, Mr Honiball became the new headmaster, until 1974 when Mr Hall took over. While he was the principal, the school pool was built. Bob Shepherd became the principal at PNPS in 1977, and he managed the school for 20 years.

The current principal, Ann Morton took over from him in 1997. During her tenure, Pinelands North has become a sought-after school, known particularly for the wonderful diversity of staff and families, and acknowledged nationally and internationally for its sound inclusive practices.

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