Pinelands North Primary School is a public school. This means that we follow the national curriculum but enhance it with subjects we deem important.

These subjects such as isiXhosa, Economic Management Science and Technology were taught in the previous curriculum but considered too valuable to discard. This means that children at our school learn:

  • English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science, Social Sciences and Economic Management Science
  • Technology in various forms: Needlework, Woodwork, Information Technology, Coding and Robotics, Horticulture
  • Arts and Culture: Class music, Drama and Art
  • Life Skills: Physical Education, Personal and Social Wellbeing

Desire to learn

At PNPS we encourage our pupils to use lateral thinking, have a questioning attitude and an ongoing desire to learn and know more.  This approach to the curriculum is supported by our teaching programme which includes the 16 Habits of MindDeBono’s thinking skills, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Visual Mapping.

The school has also applied the international Reggio Emilia approach to learning since 2017. This approach encourages all; pupils, parents and teachers to be investigators, teachers and learners.

We find that this programme enhances learning in all areas and offers our children an excellent preparation for high school and tertiary education. The broad range of subjects and flexible thinking strategies they have been taught, enables our children to attend the high school of their choice. Because the expected academic standard is high at PNPS, the transition to high school is easy, and our children achieve well.

Learning spaces

Our beautiful Library has extended opening hours to allow children to use the services productively. Open from 07h00  to 08h00, during break times and then from 12h45 to 16h00, it is a haven for children and families to relax, read and research.

The Library also has computer terminals which allow our children to do online research for projects or work on their word processing skills.

Our IT facilities include data projectors and interactive whiteboards in classrooms, banks of tablets and a computer laboratory, which enables children to access the worldwide web and for teachers to teach computer skills.

Outings and camps are carefully designed to complement what we teach at school with learning experiences outside the classroom. Our academic and sports tours are great opportunities for teambuilding and to meet children from schools around the country.

Life At PNPS