We are pleased that you are considering enrolling your child at Pinelands North Primary School.


Our admission process consists of the following steps:

  1. Families familiarise themselves with our admission policy and application procedures.
  2. Families download and complete an application form – forms are also available at school from the secretary’s office.
  3. Families return the application form to the secretary’s office by the closing date. The form is accompanied by the required documents, as stated on the form.
  4. The WCED online application is completed.
  5. PNPS invites prospective Grade R families from Pinelands to an interview with the principal, while the child meets with the teachers. Interviews for other grades are held only if places are available.
  6. At the meeting with the principal, issues such as paying school fees, parent involvement, positive discipline strategies and extramural activities are discussed.
  7. Letters of acceptance are sent, together with a reply slip.
  8. Families return the reply slip and fulfill other requirements as stated in our admission policy and application procedures.
  9. The place at the school is accepted on the online admissions portal before the due date.


Pinelands North Primary School is a fee-paying school. Everything you need to know about the payment of school fees is included in our Guide to School Fees. Please read this document carefully.

The full school fee for the year may be paid in advance and this will entitle you to a discount. Otherwise, all monthly fees are payable by debit order, on receipt of an account from us.

Banking Details

Please direct any finance related queries to our bursar, Crystal Dougall.

Tel: 021 531 3414

Fax: 021 531 9827

Email: bursar@pnps.co.za

A very warm welcome to Pinelands North Primary School!

For everyone who is new to PNPS, here are a few things you might like to know before you start your first day with us.

If you are joining PNPS in the new year, you will be invited to a special introduction meeting before the end of the previous year.

Make sure you don’t miss this because you will meet your future classmates and your teacher, while your parents will meet other parents. At this meeting, your family will receive all the information needed to make a good start at our school.

There will also be an opportunity to buy school uniform items from our school shop several times towards the end of the year and before school starts in the new year.

We understand that the first day at a new school can be a little daunting, but we are confident that you will feel at home soon.

We warmly welcome you as new members of the Pinelands North community!

At Pinelands North Primary school we have a modern, unisex school uniform.

To ensure that all children look their best, we have a number of important rules and expectations listed in our uniform policy.

To prevent the loss of school uniform items, we ask parents and pupils to please make sure that all uniform items are clearly marked.

School uniform items can be purchased from our uniform shop, which is situated in a side room off the school hall or from our online portal.

The uniform shop is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 07h00 to 07h30.

The shop also has a selection of second-hand uniform items for sale. If you have clean uniform items in good condition that no longer fit your child, please hand them in at the school for re-sale.

For uniform related queries contact Lynn Hendricks at uniform@pnps.co.za