Environmental awareness is high on our school agenda. In all grades, environmental issues are integrated into our lesson plans. Our Environment club has already ensured that we are part of the Eco Schools Programme and is developing new plans to raise environmental awareness and promote ecologically sustainable practices.


The club makes sure that our voices are heard by taking an activist approach. Its members manage the school’s weekly recycling with the help of faithful parent volunteers but also write letters to decision-makers and have been known to picket at parliament too!

Green fingers

Our school grounds have been transformed with indigenous trees and plants, and we have implemented various water-saving measures. We grow vegetables and herbs in our school garden and have started gardens on the verges and a succulent garden in the grounds, with the assistance of Kirstenbosch Gardens.

School animals

Our animals make our school a very special place! We have budgies, canaries, finches, tropical fish, goldfish and a flock of ducks. Staff members often bring their puppies to school which helps with the socialization of children and dogs. It works wonders for children who don’t have pets or are scared of them.

Indoor Nursery

Towards the end of 2022, after her visit to Reggio Emilia, Ann Morton made the decision to start an indoor plant nursery. Indoor nurseries are understood to improve air quality, academic performance and increased engagement and enthusiasm for learning. The pupils have a hands-on opportunity to observe and care for the plants.

Life At PNPS