We are a full service school: a school that responds to diversity by providing quality education for all. At PNPS, we take an inclusive approach to learning and celebrate diversity in education by recognising each child’s potential, and removing stigmas and negative labels.

Positive discipline

We have a positive approach to discipline and actively prevent bullying by catching children ‘doing things right’ and providing them with strategies for conflict resolution.

Supporting every child

The learning support department, managed by the learning support co-ordinator, is integral to the functioning of the school. It supports the needs of every child at the school and their families. We use our teacher aides and facilitators to facilitate accommodations for learning in class and we have various forms of specialist help. See the Learning Support Programme here.

Our teacher aides

Our teacher aides help every child achieve their maximum potential. They work predominantly in the classrooms assisting both children and teachers. Teacher aides are often teachers in training, who add to their teaching experience during their work with us. Their presence ensures that our adult to child ratio is maximised in every class.

Teacher aides help children with the transition between grades, listen to reading groups, do necessary class admin, take the children to extramurals and also coach sport in the afternoon.

Life At PNPS