Music plays an essential role in primary school education. It can help to engage young minds and encourage creativity, while developing a wide range of skills. Music encourages collaboration, develops problem-solving skills and encourages a positive attitude towards learning. It helps children to develop language, focus and concentration, and fosters a sense of personal and social responsibility. Music can also help to reduce stress and build confidence, as well as providing an enjoyable, creative outlet.
Music is a wonderful way to exercise the brain. Studies have shown that among other benefits, it enhances sensitivity to speech and improves memory. Music can even raise your IQ!

At PNPS, music is an integral part of the curriculum. In class music lessons, pupils sing, play instruments, create rhythms and sounds, and reflect on music they have experienced. These lessons, which include South African music, are taught by the Head of Music.

Pupils experience the joy of singing at Community Singing lessons which are scheduled into our timetable. During these lessons, the children sing songs from various genres and watch interesting videos, instrumental demonstrations and performances.

Instrument tuition

With our Head of Music managing several itinerant music teachers, PNPS offers a wide range of instrument tuition:

  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Vocal training
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Trumpet

We offer individual and group lessons. Individual lessons provide pupils with focused attention to enhance their music skills and group lessons are a great way to learn how to work as a team.


Our music department includes two choirs.  After an audition process, foundation phase pupils are chosen for our junior choir, while pupils from grades 4 to 7 make up the senior choir. 

We have an energetic grade 7 marimba band that represents our school at various community functions.

Our music department hosts two concerts a year – one for the foundation phase and one for the senior phase. Ensembles and individuals who play an instrument perform at these events.

Life At PNPS