At Pinelands North Primary School we encourage family involvement and value our relations with the wider community.

Events for everyone

On our annual School-in-Action Day, parents and prospective parents become part of our school. They not only observe but also interact and assist with our children for the day!

Our biannual Red-a-Fair is a fete for the whole family. Everybody at PNPS – staff, parents and pupils – spends this fun-filled day working, eating, playing and enjoying themselves.

Every other year, our school play is the highlight of the school calendar because we make sure that all pupils and staff members are on stage!

During our Readers are Leaders Day we invite leaders from the wider community to read to our children and speak to them about the importance and joy of reading.

In November grandparents are encouraged to spend the day with us, when they are invited to a tea and concert presented by our foundation phase pupils. 

Faithful volunteers

Many family members in our school community volunteer their time and expertise. They help with recycling, read to children, provide catering at school functions and work in the school garden. Parents also participate in committees established by the Governing Body, to help us reach our goals in line with our strategic plans.

School community meetings

At the start of each year, class teachers hold a meeting for all parents of the children in their class. During this meeting, teachers inform parents of the way they work, homework expectations and channels of communication.

Every September the Governing Body presents the proposed following year school budget to parents and it is discussed and approved.

At regular intervals during the year, the learning support department initiate community meetings on a variety of topics such as Homework Heroes, Study Skills and Online Safety for families.

Life At PNPS