The staff at PNPS are a vibrant, reflective, committed team, who work hard and have fun teaching. They are committed to the principles of inclusion and understand that every child has special needs. Expectations are high, but so is performance!

Our school is known to grow people professionally. Our staff attend international and local conferences and workshops, often during holidays and weekends, so they are at the cutting edge of any new education thought. Staff members are often invited to make presentations especially around the themes of inclusion, diversity and enrichment.

Pinelands North is known to be a school where innovative practices are piloted. Our staff remain open to new ideas and choose to teach to change the world.

Principal & Deputy Principal

Ann Morton

Shereen Stadler

Grade 1

Candice van Zyl
Grade 1C

Michelè Visser
Grade 1M

Grade 2

Suzette Embalo
Grade 2E (HOD)

Megan Smith
Grade 2S

Grade 3

Erin Petersen
Grade 3P

Kwakwadi Maditsi
Grade 3M

Grade 4

Mariam Ackerman
Grade 4A

Tamlyn Gregory
Grade 4G

Grade 5

Shanique Adamson
Grade 5A

Stan Chilambe
Grade 5C

Grade 6

Tamsin Carelse
Grade 6C

Gareth Dreyer
Grade 6D

Grade 7

Raymond Coe
Grade 7C

Bev Pereira
Grade 7P

Learning Support

Haley Holton
Inclusive Support Head

Albertina Richards
Inclusive Support Administrator

Tanya Tolken
Learning Support Teacher

Kayla Hendricks
Events Administrator

Joanne Peers
Community Support

Extra Curricular

Thomas de Bruin – Music

Maike FelmoreArt

Kwakwadi Maditsi – Xhosa
Xhosa Gr 3 – 7


Tania Jansen van Rensburg
Business Manager & Fees

Marissa Moodley
Finance Manager

Winsheena Hess

Jill Pasqualle
HR Admin


Erica Steenberg

Martin Adamson
Head of IT

Josh King
Sports Administration

Caroline Erikson
Library Administration

Teaching Interns

Veronica Nkhahle
Teaching Intern        Gr 1C

Cherwyn Geswindt
Teaching Intern Grade 1

Julia White-Phillips
Teaching Intern Gr 2

Ky-Leigh Wright
Teaching Intern Gr 3

Lynn Hendricks
Teaching Intern Gr 4

Chad van Schoor
Teaching Intern Gr 5

Brandy Verheem
Teaching Intern Gr 6

Seme Yeh
Teaching Intern Gr 6

Jarrod Jansen van Rensburg
Teaching Intern Gr 7


Toni Rae Adams

Chantal Wallace Aftercare 3IC

Kaylee Kensley
Aftercare 2IC

Nooronesa Lewis

Shiela Leemanse

Nicole Lynch

Stella Ntshokoma

Evelyn Harota

  Mihle Mangxola

Operations Team

Riaz Parker
Operations Manager

Cheslyn Rudolph

Luchricia Msutwana

Weziwe Matomane

Sakkie Louw

Mzolisi Matshalilanga

Edwin de Kock

Brian Goeiman

George Chiparamandu