We are pleased you are considering Red Roots as your child’s pre-primary school.

Enrollment procedures

  • Families familiarise themselves with our admission policy and application procedures.
  • Families complete the application form obtained from the Pinelands North Primary School secretary or on the link below.
  • The completed application form is returned to Erica Steenberg, together with all required documents, as stated on the form.
  • The WCED online application is completed.
  • Red Roots then invites the families who live closest to the pre-primary school, to an interview with the principal, who will oversee the enrolment process. The child also attends, to meet with the teaching staff, at the same time as the interview is taking place.
  • Letters of acceptance are sent, together with a reply slip.
  • Families then return the reply slip and fulfil the other requirements as stated in our application process.
  • The admission offer is accepted online.

If you would like to enroll your child, please contact us at admin@redroots.co.za


Red Roots is a fee-paying pre-primary school. The fee is agreed to annually by the parent body, and the following year’s fee is announced early in October each year. The full school fee can be paid in advance, and if this is done, families will be entitled to a discount. Otherwise, fees are payable via debit order, per month, on receipt of a statement of account from us.

Please download the School Fees 2023

Banking Details

Please direct any fee related enquiries to:
Crystal Dougall (Pinelands North Primary School bursar)

Telephone: 021 531 3414
Email: bursar@pnps.co.za


A simple but practical unisex uniform is required.

Pull-on shorts, golf shirts, fleece tops and takkies mean that children can run and play, but also look smart and ‘uniform’ enough when attending outings.

Please visit the uniform shop in Pinelands North Primary School hall, purchase the required items and then ensure that all items are clearly marked before school starts. These items can be purchased online, following this link. In the year before school starts the uniform shop will advertise a Saturday face to face shopping opportunity just for Grade R families.

Click here for online uniform shop