There is a sport of choice for every child at PNPS. We focus on participation and enjoyment. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child participates fully, regardless of their sporting abilities.  

Healthy lifestyle

PNPS encourages families to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our Heart Foundation approved tuck shop provides healthy food. Our children are also encouraged to have a healthy snack on the go, in between lessons and to have a bottle of water at their desks.

We like our children to keep moving! Teachers schedule brief walks around the field between classes and every child will have at least one hour of physical education per week. In summer, our school pool is used for swimming lessons and water-related exercises. This is why we ask new parents to ensure that their children are water safe when they start school. In winter, we use our school hall for balance and locomotive exercises and the field for striking, fielding and invasion games.  

Sports on offer

Sports at PNPS include the traditional summer and winter sports:

  • cricket
  • swimming
  • hockey
  • soccer
  • netball
  • athletics

A number of ‘newer’ sports are also on offer: 

  • softball
  • multi-sport
  • table tennis

The school’s range of sports is complemented by external coaches offering lessons at our school in  

  • karate
  • stamp club
  • gymnastics
  • Taekwon-Do
  • dance
  • coding

Other extramurals

In addition to the sports activities, there is a wide range of clubs and other after-school activities at PNPS. Children with a flair for drama or dance also have the opportunity to further their skills in extramural classes.

The Chess Club keeps young chess talent challenged, and a number of external maths and science-related programmes offer their after school activities on our premises. Our Environment Club meets on Friday mornings to manage our recycling program and they keep the school focused throughout the year on environmental issues.

Life At PNPS